Team Saviours of Life

Detecting Life Under Rubble.
Winner of MOVE-A-THON 2023


Structural Health Monitoring System

Runner up of MOVE-A-THON 2023

Team Losing It

SeismoMap – Optimizing Rescue Routes

2nd Runner-up of MOVE-A-THON 23

We are excited to announce the shortlisted teams for the Grand Finale!

This shortlist has been finalized after a rigorous evaluation process with multiple reviewers. The shortlisted teams will need to work on a presentation for the Grand Finale, which will be held on the 7th of October. The presentation will need to be made virtually for all the teams. A stellar jury covering many disciplines will be assesing the final pitches to decide the ultimate winners. More details on the Grand Finale will be shared with the shortlisted teams in a few more days.

The shortlisted teams are (in no particular order):

  • No Name

  • Storm Warriors

  • Innoquip Instruments LLP

  • Losing It

  • Tech_Titans

  • Electrons

  • Knox

  • Disaster Defenders

  • Saviours of Life

  • The AquaVengers


Many congratulations to all the shortlisted teams. 

Many thanks to all the teams that participated and submitted an idea. All those who submitted an idea will receive a participation certificate in a few weeks time. The names on the certificates will be as used for the registration. Wishing the participants who did not make it to the shortlist good luck for future events.

All your efforts - both the shortlisted ones and the ones who did not make it - to use technology to mitigate natural disasters are commendable and will help make India a stronger nation.


•Clean water



•Weather forecast

•Others …


•Detecting ground water

•Water extraction

•Others …

Earthquakes and landslides

•Detecting life under rubble, ruins



•Others …


•Weather forecast



•Weather forecast

•Others …


•Open topics are to do with areas other than the four types of natural disasters

•Submissions may be conditionally accepted

MOVE-A-THON by IEEE MOVE Outreach India

MOVE Outreach India is a collaboration between IEEE MOVE (Mobile Operations Vehicle) and IEEE India Council to provide emergency relief committed to assisting victims of natural disasters with short-term communications, computer, and power solutions.

Natural disasters are a well studied topic with many different perspectives. MOVE India’s focus is primarily on immediate and emergency relief in the aftermath of a disaster. Long term relief, healthcare (whether detection or treatment) and non-technological interventions are all important but are not considered relevant for MOVE India’s mission.

The aim and objective of this ideathon is to invite ideas from students and young professionals for providing such immediate relief in the face of natural disasters that India is particularly prone to – floods, cyclones, droughts, earthquakes and landslides


  1. Register - yourself and your team members

  2. Submit idea

  3. Shortlisting

  4. Grand finale, for shortlisted submissions

1.Eligibility Criteria

-Open across India

-Max 4 members per team

-The competition is open to all undergraduate students, post graduate students, young professionals

-Each team is solely responsible for its own cooperation and teamwork.

-Coordination and teamwork must be taken care of by the team leader

-No funding is available for submissions

2.Evaluation Criteria

-Innovation, Feasibility, Relevance, Cost (to realize), Scalability

-Plagiarism is strictly prohibited

-Decision of the jury shall be final and binding

-Presentation of the shortlisted teams will be held in the grand finale

Awards and Recognition

  1. Winning Team : ₹25,000

  2. 1st Runner Up : ₹10,000

  3. 2nd Runner Up : ₹5,000

  4. Next 7 10 Finalists : IEEE goodies

  5. Completed submission: Participation Certificate

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