AquaHacking Challenge Atlantic Canada 2022-2023

Sep 14 2022 - Jun 17 2023

Virtual & Final In-Person

2 - 12 Person Teams


Questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out! You can contact our team at

Welcome to the registration platform of the AquaHacking Challenge Atlantic Canada 2022-2023! If you're ready to register, click "JOIN" on the right. 

About the Challenge

Atlantic Canada is home to a spectacular system of dynamic freshwater and marine environments.  
Hosted by AquaAction and Saint Mary's University, the AquaHacking Challenge invites talented young innovators from across Atlantic Canada to put their skills to work to tackle freshwater issues

This program is focused on tech solutions and will run from September 2022 to June 2023. To view the full details, please visit the "timeline" section.

How to participate?

1. Register & create your water-hacker profile

2. Build your multi-disciplinary team (You can hack as a team of at least 2 members!)

3. Choose one of the water issues 

4. Connect with your Water Issue Leader & start working on your solution

5. Explore our Additional Resources

6. Submit your solutions for the semi-final (deadline is Thursday, March 2, 2023) - You can download the submission guide here. If you have any additional questions, reach out to us at

7. Pitch your solution to the judges during the semi-final on March 4th, 2023 - Top 5 teams will move on to phase 2.

The Prizes

After the semi-finals, all finalist teams receive $2,000 as financial support to support the development of their solution and their business plan until the end.

At the finals, all finalist teams will be guaranteed with: 

  • A place in a local Startup incubator

  • Seed funding:  

    1st place: $20,000 CAD

    2nd place: $15,000 CAD

    3rd place: $10,000 CAD

    4th place: $5,000 CAD

    5th place: $5,000 CAD

  • Public choice award: $1,000 CAD 

  • Credits for using the legal services of our partner Lavery Lawyers.

  • Depending on their eligibility, finalist teams may be eligible to receive matching funds for research development from Mitacs' Entrepreneurial Acceleration Program.

Water Issues

For the AquaHacking Challenge in Atlantic Canada, each team will need to choose one of the following water issues: 

1. Innovations for Projects in Lakes and Rivers: How can we innovate to improve the alteration projects occurring in our lakes and rivers?

2. Saltwater intrusion: How can we provide well water users cost effective solutions for saltwater intrusion?

3. Aquatic Invasive Species: How can we improve the control and management of aquatic invasive species?

4. Affordable Automated Water Quality Monitoring: How can we provide automated and cost-effective solutions to monitor water?

5. Green Infrastructure (Stormwater Prevention): How can we improve Green Infrastructure maintenance and care practices to ensure long term stormwater management?

To view the full details, please visit the "Water Issues" section. 


The AquaHacking Challenge is open to students and young professionals aged 18 and over, and residing in Atlantic Canada. Participants from other Canadian provinces are eligible to compete. Out of province participants are encouraged to engage with Atlantic Canada participants and  build a diverse, multiskilled team to tackle the water issues. This ensures that the team has members in the region who can provide the necessary regional context of the water issues.

To learn more about this challenge, visit:

If you are passionate about entrepreneurship and building sustainable solutions to water and environmental issues, this is the program for you! 

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