AquaHacking Great Lakes Challenge 2023-24

Aug 17 2023 - May 10 2024


1 - 10 Person Teams


Shape a sustainable future with the AquaHacking Great Lakes Challenge!

Keep reading to discover the perks of being part of the solution!

About the Challenge

Clean water is a luxury, and together, we can make it a reality for all. 
The Great Lakes, with their dynamic freshwater and marine environments, need your innovative spirit.

Hosted by AquaAction and Northwestern Michigan College (NMC), the AquaHacking Challenge invites talented young innovators from across Canada and the USA to bring their skills and passion to tackle freshwater issues impacting the Great Lakes. 

This program is focused on tech solutions and will run from August 2023 to May 2024. To view the full details, please visit the "timeline" section. 

Ready to Learn More? Elevate Your Vision with Expert Guidance

✔ Immerse in the AquaHacking Curriculum
Our 'Innovation Mindset' course, launching Nov 1st, 2023, equips you with the tools to create impactful solutions. The more you learn, the greater your impact.

✔ Develop your solution as a team
Work closely with your team to consolidate your solution and amplify its social impact.

✔ Connect with your Water Issue Leader (Mentor)
Connecting with a dedicated water issue leader (mentor) is mandatory, providing invaluable insights and guidance on your journey for a positive change.

Pitch Your vision

✔ Phase 1- Pitch at the Semi-Final: Spark your ideas for the Great Lakes!

At the semi-final, you will have 5 minutes to pitch your solution, whether it's an innovative idea or a mockup/prototype of your solution. This is your opportunity to present your solution to our jury, highlighting your inventive ideas and technical potential. 

The semi-final welcomes entries at different stages, because in Phase 2, you'll have the opportunity to advance and refine your solution to a more technologically advanced stage.

Semi-Final Prize Highlights:

🏆  All semi-finalists completing Phase 1 earn a certificate and digital badge.
Top 10 Phase 2 finalists receive US$1,000 for solution development.


If you are passionate about entrepreneurship and building sustainable solutions to water and environmental issues, this is the program for you! 

The AquaHacking Challenge is open to you if:

✔ Are you between 18-35 years old? We need you!

✔ Reside in Canada or the USA? Join the cause!

✔ Enrolled in a post-secondary institution, a recent graduate, or a young professional? Your skills are in demand.

✔ Passionate about climate action? Be part of the solution.

Take action now!

How to participate

Embark on this exciting journey

➊ Register & create your profile

Register and build a profile that reflects your dedication to a sustainable future. 

➋ Build your multi-disciplinary team (You can hack as a team or solo) 

Passionate about climate action? Assemble a diverse and passionate team to be part of the solution.

➌ Choose one of the water issues

Select a water issue that will change the Great Lakes future.

✔ Phase 2 Pitch at the Grand Finale: Where Top Teams Perfect Their Vision. Stand up to create a lasting impact on the Great Lakes! 

Advanced to Phase 2? That's great news! You're about to embark on an exciting adventure, with additional mentoring to enhance both the technical aspects of your solution and your ongoing learning through our curriculum. 

This phase focuses on transforming your technical innovation into a solid, market-ready business plan.

Grand Finale Prize Highlights:
🚀 All finalists secure a spot in a local Startup incubator.
🌟 Microcredits and AquaHacking Curriculum certification for all.

The top of the wave: Top 3 teams earn seed funding:
🏆  1st place: US$20,000
🏆  2nd place: US$10,000
🏆  3rd place: US$5,000

Already committed to solving the crisis? We invite you to explore our water issue section and choose your cause!

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